Calling all Healers, Coaches & Wellness Professionals!

Learn how to stand apart in your industry and get epic results for your clients!

Hi, I'm Emma, founder of The Evolved Energetics Academy and I help brilliant healers, coaches and wellness professionals stand out in their industry with a technique and skillset that is nothing short of magical, and that gets incredible client results, and lots of heartfelt referrals.

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You're in the right place if...

You're an existing Coach or Healer

You've been in business for about a year or so, you have a client base and you're doing ok, but you feel deep down that you're skimming the surface of what you could truly accomplish with your clients.

You see clients bumping up against the same blocks, and not making the progress you would both love to see.

You have a big vision and mission for your business, yet you're likely not progressing as far as you'd like, not getting enough clients or bringing in enough income...

OR You Want To Become One

You have qualifications in Coaching or Healing and you love what you do, but you're just not sure how to create a business out of it, or transition from your current job or situation.

You want to find the thing that will make the difference in your clients lives, so they heal quickly and painlessly and embody a new identity.

You want to learn something that will set you apart, create a rock solid business based on beautiful organic referrals from incredibly happy clients who have had huge transformation.

Ways to work with me...

This is for you if you regularly feel overwhelmed, struggle to know what to do, or constantly feel the "push" to achieve more. Building and running a business is no walk in the park. It's full of amazing highs  and plenty of stressful moments. The fact is, a stressed mind cannot think straight or make resourceful decisions so you need CALM the brain first!

A world class energy work training Academy that empowers Healers, Coaches & Wellness Professionals to spread their own healing ripple, by focusing on self development, skills mastery and client safety. We lead, learn and practise with passion, integrity & humanity with our hearts at the centre of everything we do.

You start your day with your to do list, your brew of choice and your ideas at the ready but life happens and throws a spanner in the works. An unexpected pull on your time or attention, lower energy levels, or even having words with someone close, can throw your energy off quickly. What if you had a genie in your pocket that could get you back on track in a matter of minutes?

If we've never met before...

Hi! I'm Emma Starling, and I love Energetics! I trained in EFT almost a decade ago and been obsessed with it ever since!

I come from a tiny hamlet in North Lincolnshire with 3 streets and zero shops. Highly in tune with the earth, vibration and frequency and a complementary medicine devotee for over 30 years. I'm a plain speaking, Rottie loving, woo-as-they-come-but-practical-too 48 year old who values radical honesty and integrity above most else.

The main ways I work with people today are through my Academy, and in collaboration. I also love creating bespoke energy work trainings or support for other leaders' communities. If that's you, click the button to chat!

Here's what Sarah & Beth said about working with me

Here's what Sarah said about working with me

Check out how Beth can now go deeper with her clients

Why Train With Me?

My Training Courses are Accredited with multiple bodies

I am both an Approved Training College of the Complementary Medical Association, AND
of the Association of EFT Professionals.
That means that not just my courses are Accredited, but that you as an EFT Practitioner can become Accredited too, so your clients know they are in good hands. .