Here’s How I Helped K...

Apr 07, 2023 |

One of my students pulled back a bit because she felt overwhelmed by the weight of responsibility of her healing practice, based on a huge life changing decision one of her clients made after their session together.

So how do you come to terms with this and move forward, even though you feel like packing it all in? How do you get comfortable with the results your healing or coaching creates for people? How can you go on, knowing that some clients make changes that make them miserable initially before they start to feel better?

The key is to remember that you are a Catalyst and everyone is on their own path and their own journey. You clients come to you because they resonate with your energy, not someone else’s. They trust you and believe in your ability to hold a safe space for them. Your only job with this is to get comfortable with your transformational abilities. You don’t force them to make life changing decisions, so don’t feel bad for them if they do. It’s all part of the path they are on, and your privilege was to be part of that. So I invite you to tap on feeling the weight of responsibility so you give the power back to your clients.

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