Here's one simple tip for continuous progress...

Do You ever Do This?

You have a session with a client, they make some progress, then they maybe come to a standstill, or go seem to go backwards.

Maybe they aren’t progressing as fast as you feel or hope they would.

You’re bringing your best work to the table but somehow, you end up feeling a bit deflated. Like it’s your fault they are not progressing quickly.

Ever done that to yourself? I know I have.

If you do, then I would love to offer you some advice a quick tip to move you out of that place and get you back to being the confident space holder you know you are.

The fact is, you cannot want your client’s transformation more than they do. Let that sink in a minute…..

As a healer, coach or wellness professional, I am dead sure that you are SO invested in your client’s transformation you put everything you’ve got into it and you really do care about their wellbeing.

AND….. if they don’t want the change, or are not quite ready for it yet, they won’t do the necessary stuff, or they will unconsciously put up barriers to it working.

Somehow it may not feel SAFE for them to change.

What I do when my clients are experiencing this is firstly we ascertain how ready they are to make the change, literally get them to give you a number out of 10 - you can refer back to that during your time together if they are not doing their part and talk about why.

For true transformation to occur, a client MUST be above 7/10 in terms of readiness, otherwise resistance will get in the way.

If you have any tips for getting clients back into action, go ahead and share them below!

Emma x

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