Let Me Tell You About Julie

Apr 12, 2023 |

Let me tell you about a wonderful student of mine called Julie. She really wanted to stand out in her field and bring energy work into her sessions but her business focused on HR with companies.

She was worried it would be too “out there” for many of the people she worked with and wasn’t sure what to call herself that actually said what she did without scaring people off.

After a discussion one day, we realised that what she does is bring a holistic viewpoint to the HR world. She can do all the usual HR stuff but she brings with her an incredible skillset that can help them with all the emotional and belief based stuff that is present absolutely anywhere.

With a simple title change, she opened up her energy and saw a whole new exciting world of possibility within her existing business. The reason she was able to do that was because she worked on the energetic blocks around what she was doing and she became really open to new ways of looking at it all. Julie crowned herself The Holistic HR Coach and is now excited about the future of her business! If you would like more tips and help getting clear around the future of your business, sign up to my Inner Circle via my website.

Emma x

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