Never Say Mean Things To Yourself

In Tapping, there are certain phrases we say during the session which can sound negative to some clients. The set up statement in tapping is there to deal with resistance at the outset so it doesn’t become a block to transformation.

So, how do you explain this to a client to help them in your sessions so that they understand why you are doing it how you are doing it? How do you help them understand that you are not trying to get them to “say mean things” to themselves?

The common misconception is that you are saying mean things to yourself, like a “negative set up statement” or trigger phrase, and that this will “manifest” more of the same. It’s simply not true. We use these phrases because it’s honouring the truth of either how we know we feel consciously OR what’s already going on in our energy field, or subconscious. This is what keeps triggering the same behaviours your client can’t break away from. Saying the negative sounding things is actually creating an emotional charge which the energy work will dispel, thus clearing it from your mind, nervous system and energy field. Et voila, it’s no longer a trigger. 

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